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Example Button Using Drop Down Menus
Code example below
Example Button Using a Text box, Radio Button, and Drop Down Menu
Code example below
T-Shirt - You Design




Baby Book - Customized

Baby Name:
Book Color:
Book Title:
Ben's Day at the Zoo
Kates Big Adventure
Spot Learns to Sit

You can add up to 4 options for each button. The option variable names are: on0, os0, on1, and os1. They need to be added in the order I have shown. I have provided some example code for your review. Please note that the examples below are just that, examples. You can format them to your specifications as long as the variable names are in order. This code is specific to the button and will need to be placed within the button code.

Please note that I have only used 3 of the 4 options in the first example above. on0, os0, and on1. You can also add one more, os1. This one would need to go after the the on1 option value (after the last select option I have listed). Also note, that you do not need to use select drop down boxes. You can use text boxes, radio buttons, etc. The choice on HTML code is really up to you. I simply have select boxes in my example.